The Old M&S

Cornel Brandy

T en years after lying down, the Simic cellar packs cornel brandy because it gained its real perfect maturity. The old M&S cornel brandy is a unique and unrepeatable mixture of the godly taste and splendid look. It is produced for female members of Simic family to enjoy. The brandy in which all the senses are active: a joy for the eyes, a feast for the palates, a balm for the soul.

Full of infinite and luxurious flavors, it connects the spirit of the old ancestors to the present days, breathing the eternal youth, health and freshness.
Ageing for many years, the old M&S cornel brandy gets a rich bouquet which releases a number if balanced and complex flavors. When you try it, you can feel the unique distinguished taste of cornel, grown and dried fruit which can be even better fulfilled with the finest flavor of the hundred years old oak.