Duke - apple juice brandy This old French drink is known as apple cognac. Apple juice, which we get by cold squeezing 5 varieties of accurately selected apples, in a certain percentage after fermentation, which contains 5 to 6% alcohol, is distilled in our traditional copper cauldrons.
For heating the cauldron, pure wood is used exclusively as a fuel, which only in nature gives the correct molecular distribution of heat and a special taste to the final distillate. Distillation and aging are done according to the original recipe as French Calvados. The first distillation of fermented juice takes place in our cauldrons to low alcohol strength - soft distillate between 30 and 35% vol. The second distillation - redistillation of soft brandy is done in a three-part fraction where the first and third fractions (head and tail) are discarded and only the body (middle fraction) is left, which is the highest quality part of apple distillate. The alcoholic strength is from 70 to 72% vol. The ripening of our DUKE apple distillate takes place in oak barrels, from French oak from 6 to 8 years, with the transfer after 4 years into a completely new oak barrel. This method of maturing our distillate gives the brandy an intense taste of barrique because it gets a discreet amount of tannins and a very rich amount of lignin from oak as well as other ingredients from oak. Very pronounced fruit notes on apple, vanilla and dried fruit and the color amber is characteristic of cognac. After this kind of aging, a refined drink was obtained, which with its aroma and taste stimulates and inspires every beautiful moment full of everyday joy. This is how DUKE is made - an old brandy made from apple juice. It is consumed before the main course, but it is also recommended during meals with fish, crabs, shellfish, roast chicken and desserts.