Our mission is to be the best in what we produce.
Yellow quince (also known as Dunjevaca, Zuta Dunja) is the real brandy on the market, made for real experts, lovers, and hedonist who are looking for the best of it: the lavish scent, the sophisticated taste kept on the palates.
The entire process, from choosing the fruit through fermentation, to the boiling, is under high-experts control. Gentle qualities of yellow quince are mostly expressed if it is cooled and drank easily, with no hurry. The knowledge, commitment and traditional way of production in copper cauldron enable us to build the consumers’ trust and to strengthen our market position. Every time you try on the yellow quince from the Simic cellar, you will get a questionable face expression, as you are the only one who know the secret recipe. Keep it jealously for yourself only because that way the others could enjoyed just as you have enjoyed in it now. While reading these lines, and enjoying the taste of the yellow quince, you made yourself this moment as much beautiful as to the other ones with you. So, keep on, do not wait for the occasion, because every moment can be an occasion to enjoy.