The Old M&S

Juniper Brandy

T he M&S juniper brandy is the connection of the seven generations of worthy experience which is passed from generation to generation and it is faithfully supplemented. Traditional way of production, according to the recipe only known for the Simic family, gives a perfect taste and flavor of this brandy.

Illustrating the fine balance between the strength and elegance, made the old M&S juniper popular among other consumers. Its character refers to a strong bouquet in which the flavors of juniper of the old oak are the most present, and they give the space for the nice flavor of vanilla to be present. Only over years of ageing the balanced natural flavor of vanilla kept on palates is got. The subtlety and the elegance are the main characteristics which hide the subtle strength of juniper, the old oak, vanilla and dried fruit, in itself. The old M&S juniper is made of perfect, balanced and circled taste which all the flavors releases quietly with lots of strength and subtlety. Its subtle bouquet fascinates young consumers, both those of traditional taste and those opened for the new adventures and experiences. It is very popular brandy combined with ice or an ingredient for the cocktails with the specifically light hardness.