As the rule requires, every generation of the Simic family need to improve the recipe for some brandy. For the whole seven generations we have been looking for the best recipe and in our seventh generation we produced Persona (liqueur brandy) made of raspberry. The word itself is enough to feel the taste of the magic.
Persona is made of two natural ingredients: raspberry and brandy. The whole secret is in the way of combining these two natural organic made ingredients. If you live according to the nature and enjoy the sophisticated tastes, then it is not so much difficult for you to choose our Persona. In the world where the number of drinks is even bigger, where adverts and technology influence the great number of things, Simic cellar still exist with the assurance that the natural ingredients represent the most important segment in production. Persona is today the simplest liqueur from raspberry based on brandy, which reveals the luxurious flavor millions of consumers enjoy in. Thanks to the full attention of the producer from the Simic brandy cellar, the secret ingredient of Persona will remain secret so the future generations could enjoy its taste as they do today.