Old M&S

Plum Brandy

T he M&S plum brandy (undercooked brandy, known as prepecenica) is produced specifically from the finest type of plum. The whole brandy is from three areas in the Simic family which have been increased through generations and generations, because its quality became delightful. These extreme areas with very productive fields, moderate sunny climate and light winters, provide all the necessary conditions for the production of brandy, specifically of fruit character from the best types of plums, ideal for the distillation process.

The old M&S plum brandy is made for the Simic family only, in order to enjoy with their friends in it. Showing the consistency for more than seven generations, it finest balance between the strength and elegance made it very famous among thousands of generations of consumers. Its very strong character irresistibly refers on something really special. In the old M&S plum brandy the best plum flavors are carefully selected and united, and they are left to grow older in another dozen years. Very luxurious orchards are in balance on the palates. Deceptive velvet flavor which is kept in the mouth, delights both young and old consumers with lots of style and elegance which presents the highest quality of the brandy.
The old M&S plum brandy reveals the taste of its flavor of orchards and of an old oak and soft and gentle vanilla taste has been made. Such an elegant and tough, reveals the balance, roundness and flavor harmony.
The traditional old M&S plum brandy is consumed over a delicious lunch time. On the other side, more and more of the connoisseurs reveal extra pleasure after a meal, enjoying the cool refreshment of the brandy.