The Old M&S

Herbal Brendy

E very generation of the Simic family has persistently searched for the best ingredients from the nature, which can give a mean wealthy source of health. As the result after seven years of searching for, the old M&S herbal brandy was produced as a connection of the most quality ingredients from the plumb and chosen medical herbs from the slopes of Tara. The old M&S herbal brandy is created to move the borders of pleasure, get the harmony and joy in every single day of yours and also become a part of your style and also the part of your life.
With great desire to separate it from the rest of the producers and to cross the borders in the brandy production, we have found the unique recipe. It appeared as a connection of the intensive search for the herbs which give the scent of the modern period and the tastes of herbal ingredients.
It is the symbol of the finest taste and elegance, natural elixir and the source of vitality, but it is one of those life joys in which you can find your dreams becoming reality, depending of the size of the inspiration and the length of the imagination. The old M&S herbal brandy is of full taste with the exact balanced scent of the finest herbs, releases the number of flavors which delight contemporary consumer who wants full pleasure in very little time.